Wood Vinegar: A Natural bio-stimulant

Whether you’re a home gardener, hobby or large-scale farmer, you should all have a common goal: growing healthy and resilient plants sustainably. Introducing Green Man Char's Wood Vinegar.

wood vinegar

What exactly is Wood Vinegar?

Also known as Liquid Smoke, Mokusaku, or Pyroligneous acid, wood vinegar is produced through natural carbonisation (a process in which biomass is heated in a container during the production of biochar).

The charcoal production exhausts smoke, which is cooled into the form of a liquid. This dark liquid is further filtered to make wood vinegar. Wood vinegar is extensively used in Asian countries as a natural alternative to synthetic chemicals. 

Free fact sheet - Wood Vinegar

Using Wood Vinegar to boost seed and plant growth

Improved seed germination and plant growth are possible with the help of wood vinegar. For instance, research indicates that the 300x dilution of wood vinegar can increase celery production by 17.2%. The same quantity of mixture tends to increase vitamin C in fruit and vegetables by 25.6%.

Benefits of wood vinegar as a natural fertiliser

The natural composition of wood vinegar makes it ideal for promoting plant growth and plant resilience overall in the following ways:

  • It stimulates composting and enhances the strength of the roots
  • It aids in increasing microbiological population by regulating the nutrients in the soil.
  • Soaking seeds in wood vinegar enhances the strike rate of seed germination. As a result, more seeds tend to sprout.
  • Fruits and vegetables tend to taste better if the crops are fertilised with wood vinegar.
  • The combined application of biochar and wood vinegar improves the growth of specific bedding species (such as Scarlet sage and Melampodium).

There is also increasing and promising research into how wood vinegar may play a role in boosting plant defenses against various bacterial and fungal plant pathogens and insect attack as well as making plants more resilient to drought. See the various research articles highlighting the benefits and of wood vinegar via http://www.pyroligneousacid.com.au/.

How to boost fertilisation

Different steps of the gardening process require differing levels of concentrations of Wood Vinegar in water. To obtain the best results from your Wood Vinegar, it is important to use the right concentrations:

  • To enrich the soil, use the 1:200 ratio. Blend 1 litre of wood vinegar in 200 litres of water. Before planting, sprinkle this mixture on the soil.
  • To charge your compost, use the 1:50 ratio. Blend 1 litre of wood vinegar in 50 litres of water and sprinkle it on the composting material.
  • To boost bloom & budding, use the 1:200. Blend 1 litre of wood vinegar in 200 litres of water and sprinkle it on the leaves of the plant. Budding threshold will double or triple providing the plant is being fed plenty of nutrients and water.
  • To boost fertilisation, use the 1:200. Blend 1 litre of wood vinegar in 200 litres of water and Sprinkle on the leaves and base of your plant.
  • To germinate the seeds, use the 1:200 ratio. Blend 1 ml of wood vinegar in 200 ml of water and soak the seeds in this mixture for twenty-four hours.

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